Sunday, 28 June 2015

Age of Wonders 2 - Shira Hero Tigrans

Age of Wonders 2 - Shira Tigran Hero Screenshot
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Age of Wonders 2 is truly one of the greatest games ever. It is a fantasy turn based strategy game with a lovely isometric graphic. Its variety oh heroes and races to develop and explore makes it quite interesting.

And here is Shira - a Tigran race hero. She has natural Bard skill that gives +200 morale to her party. This allow to include units from different alignment. If the morale of a unit is very low, it may desert and turn hostile. Actually some times it is good tactic for making extra XP. We produce one super duper strong army from opposite alignment(if we have the castle). We put it in a squad with our units and when it desert, we fight it and get the XP. Also here om the screen we can see a Tigran castle, a tower and a node.

Game Data:
Name: Age of Wonders 2
Type: Turn Based Strategy (TBS)
Genre: Fantasy (Land of wonders)
Year of Release: 2003
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info

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