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Magic the Gathering - Red Cards Screenshot

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It is always debatable, which color deck is the best one, playing Magic the Gathering PC video game. Every player develop its own gaming style and favour different color or combination of cards. Here is just one example what the red cards can do to the enemy.

This battle is in a quite advanced stage and the AI have twice as much hit points, which is not good. The red have a lot of Mountains out to give mana and somewhat good defense from the flying dragons. There are 3 Goblin Balloon Brigades, that will play a key role in this round. They are 1/1 army and the opponent usually do not take them as a big threat. So it is the red player's turn. In the first stage he do not tap any lands to play card or ability. Next is the combat stage and the attack begins. There are only 3 flying defenders available to the AI, so the red attack with 4 cards with powered effect +1/+1 for all.

It is time for the AI to select defenders. It blocks the Shivan Dragon ofcource and two of the goblins. So one goblin remain to fly over the defense. After the defense stage of the AI, there is a "play ability card" option for the red. So he plays Firebreathing on the unblocked goblin and tap all Mountains to empower the effects. With this ability the (most right on the screenshot)Goblin Baloon Brigade become with 58 damage and the AI is almost done.

Game Data:
Name: Magic the Gathering
Type: Trading Cards (TC), Adventure
Genre: Fantasy (Mixed)
Year of Release: 1999
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info

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