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Civilization 2 - City Output Screen

Civilization 2 - City Screen Description
Civilization 2 Gold PC Game - More explanation screenshots
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This is a description of the main city panel from Civilization 2 Gold PC video game. The city from the screenshot is a size of 32, and produce 331 gold per turn on Republic government with 80% tax rate.

 1. Happy Citizens. They appear from buildings, luxury rate and Musicians specialists(4).One of them alter one unhappy citizens(3), if unhappy citizens are more than happy citizens, the city will enter into a Civil Disorder.
2. Content Citizens. These are the content people, they just work hard.
3. Unhappy Citizens. They appear when the city grow bigger, the empire grow wider and the difficulty higher. Unhappy people are made content with certain buildings like the Temple.
4. Specialists. These are the people that do not work or the city fields(5). We can click on them and choose one of 3 specialists: Musicians - will make one happy face, Scientists - increase research or Merchants - increase gold income.

The sum of all citizens give the number of the city, 32.

5. City working fields. Here the nonspecialist population is placed to work. A working square gives one of(or) 3 resources: Food, Production and Trade.
6. Food supply. This is how much food the population eats. Every man need 2 food, we have 32 men, so it needs 64 food to sustain the city.
7. Surplus food. This is the food that remain after feeding the population. It is added to the Food Storage(10) and when it is filled up, a new citizen will appear. Supply + Surplus gives all the food that the city produce from working fields.
8. Trade. This is the number of trade arrows that the city produce from working fields,  after subtracting the Corruption(9). Trade arrows are distributed to Research and Gold Income, depending on the tax rate set. It include the number of caravans trade routs.
9. Corruption. As far the city is from capitol, more corruption it will generate. Same buildings reduce corruption, like courthouses. On Democracy government, there is no corruption(in the game that is).
10. Food Storage. Here the surplus food is gathered every turn. As we know, when it is filled up, a new citizen will appear.
11. Production. This is how much production the city generates. Because it is set to produce Capitalisation, every production shield is transformed to +1 gold.
12. Maintenance. This field shows the units the city have been built and the production needed to sustain them. 

Game Data:
Name: Civilization 2 Gold
Type: Turn Based Strategy (TBS)
Genre: Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, Modern. (Earth)
Year of Release: 1996
Platform: PC/Windows  - More Info

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