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Dune 1 - Fremen Specialisation and Equipment Description
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The fremes can specialize in 3 areas and this is their best equipment.
  • Spice Specialization (Orange) - A fremen extracting the spice need a Harvester equipment and an Ornitopter to watch for sand worms.
  • Ecology Specialization (Green) - A fremen planting trees need a Bulb, collected from Chani's father cave and an Ornitopter to move quickly over the planet.
  • Army Specialization (Red) - A fremen fighting for the Atreides need a knife(Krys), Laser Gun, Weirding Modules and Atomics. An ornitopter will make them move faster.
Game Data:
Name: Dune 1
Type: Role Playing Game (RPG), Real Time Strategy (RTS), Adventure (ADV)
Genre: Futuristic (Arrakis)
Year of Release: 1992
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info
Picture Story: Dune 1 Adventure Walkthrough
There are some dune versions out there, that are bugged, so here is a good one: Download.

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