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Dune 1 - Meeting Chani in Oxtyn-Tabr Screenshot

Dune 1 - Meeting Chani in Oxtyn-Tabr Description
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Dune video game is released in 1992 for 16 bit personal computers. It is a role playing game involving adventure with economic and military strategy and loosely following the story of the novel with the same name, written by Frank Herbert. The isometric graphic, excellent for its time, now look like squares, but the interesting story, fast installation and the game play, may quickly override this fact. Dune is a futuristic desert planet, inhabited by fremens and sand worms. The evil Harkonnen and the noble Atreides are fighting for the precious spice, that allow space travel.

"We flew over the vastness of sands to the west. On the way Stilgar noticed another empty sietch with good equipment in it, named Oxtyn-Harg. Prospectors should be sent later and we continued west. While we reached Oxtyn-Tabr. Inside there were no fremens, but one beautiful women, named Chani.  She loved her planet very much and hoped for the best. Her big blue yes was staring at Paul in some desirable way and she was eager to go with him in the desert at night."

Game Data:
Name: Dune 1
Type: Role Playing Game (RPG), Real Time Strategy (RTS), Adventure (ADV)
Genre: Futuristic (Arrakis)
Year of Release: 1992
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info
Picture Story: Dune 1 Adventure Walkthrough
There are some dune versions out there, that are bugged, so here is a good one: Download.

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