Thursday, 23 July 2015

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Dune 1 - Planet Ecology Description
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The planet ecology in Dune computer game will increase the morale of the fremens. Here is a quote from the walkthrough.

"Before the next military operation, we turned attention on the planet vegetation. When all spice in Syhaia-Tuek, Chani's father home, was harvested, we made a fremen ecologist and first we needed to construct a wind trap. After that the bulbs were ready and we equipped 3 ecologist with bulb equipment. Having the bulb, they automatically begin to plant them in the places where water exist.

A few days after that we walked out in the desert near Syhaia-Tuek, and it was truly amazing. The sands was making place for twisted trees all around us. Ah, beautiful trees."

Game Data:
Name: Dune 1
Type: Role Playing Game (RPG), Real Time Strategy (RTS), Adventure (ADV)
Genre: Futuristic (Arrakis)
Year of Release: 1992
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info
Picture Story: Dune 1 Adventure Walkthrough
There are some dune versions out there, that are bugged, so here is a good one: Download.

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