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Dune 1 - Secret Rooms in the Atreides Palace Screenshot

Dune 1 - Secret Rooms in the Atreides Palace Description
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The Atreides palace in Dune 1 computer game hide many secrets. There are hidden room, theta we must discover and Jessica, Paul's mother is the character that do this job. There are 5 hidden rooms that we will discover in the course of the story. Two of them are corridors. First is the communication room, that will trigger the emperor's spice shipment. Second is the armory(here on the screenshot). And third is the secret water garden, that will trigger the planet vegetation.

"We took Jessica with us and begun scanning again. We found a hidden door to the right of the room before the armoury and found a secret garden room. Jessica was astound by this miracle on Dune and Chani mentioned her Father Liet Kynes. He was the elder planetologist on Dune, and she suggested to meet Paul with him."

Game Data:
Name: Dune 1
Type: Role Playing Game (RPG), Real Time Strategy (RTS), Adventure (ADV)
Genre: Futuristic (Arrakis)
Year of Release: 1992
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info
Picture Story: Dune 1 Adventure Walkthrough
There are some dune versions out there, that are bugged, so here is a good one: Download.

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