Sunday, 19 July 2015

World of Warcraft - Dragon Meeting Rhyme and Screen

World of Warcraft - Dragon Meeting Descriptive Rhyme
World of Warcraft PC Game - More explanation screenshots
RPG genre iconAdventure genre iconFantasy style iconyear 2005 iconyear 2015 icon
Deep in south Dustwallow Marsh,
Wyrmbog lands so grey and harsh,
Stumbled in the muddy spread,
The hero looked up and said:

O: Hallo dragon, how are you?
D: I'm hungry, I'll eat you!
O: Eat my shiny tasty sward...
D: Oh, it will be a good reward.

What have hapened there next,
Age old trees will tell the rest.
Either way one thing is sure,
In the end the hero will endure.

Game Data:
Name: World of Warcraft
Type: Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) Adventure (ADV)
Genre: Fantasy (Azeroth)
Year of Release: 2005 - More Info
Platform: PC/Window/Online

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