Friday, 17 July 2015

World of Warcraft - Inventory Storage Screenshot

World of Warcraft -  Inventory Storage Description
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One of the biggest challenge, of the greatest fans of World of Warcraft PC game is to find a place to store all the junks they find in the magic lands of Azeroth. The options are 5 slots for bags in the hero, the bank, and 7 bag slots in the bank itself. The thing is that all this space is NOT NERALY ENOUGH. So another place remain the auction house and the mailbox which can store a lot more from all the items in the screenshot, but yet have limits. Bags too come in bigger sizes with the higher levels. In our days the biggest bag known as for 2015 is the Hexweave Bag - 30 slot bag, Item Level 90, Binds when equipped. Most of the items in the screen are jewelcrafter's reagents and items, though a lot of them are probably changed with the latest updates.

Game Data:
Name: World of Warcraft
Type: Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) Adventure (ADV)
Genre: Fantasy (Azeroth)
Year of Release: 2005 - More Info
Platform: PC/Window/Online

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