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Civilization 4 Colonization - Early Scout and Treasures Screenshot

Civilization 4 Colonization - Early Scout and Treasures Description
Civilization 4: Colonization PC Game - More explanation screenshots
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If we are lucky, we may find a scout among the first immigrants in Civilization 4 Colonization computer game. This will make the difference in the beginning stages. If no, we must first buy some horses from Europe and equip a free colonist to scout around. He will eventually find a village that will train him in scout and get a lot of experience.

But the natural scout is best. We must visit as many tribal villages with him and speak to their chiefs. They will give a lot of  precious gold coins and even full carts with goldies and shinies. When the treasure cart arrive in one of our cities, the King will directly offer 50% split in profit. This may be acceptable in the beginning, but later we may buy a Galleon ship that have 8 cargo hold, transport the treasure cart to Europe, and sell it with the current tax rate.

Game Data:
Name: Civilization 4: Colonization
Type: Turn Based Strategy (TBS)
Genre: Renaissance (America)
Year of Release: 2008
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info

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