Friday, 7 August 2015

Civilization 4: Colonization - Maximum Level Veteran Dragoon Screenshot

Civilization 4: Colonization - Maximum Level Veteran Dragoon Description
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An important aspect of Civilization 4: Colonization game is the army units development. The quantity of the troops is important too. Here on the screenshot we can see the eastern shores of the new lands are lined with soldiers. They seem ready for the revolution, but the other rivals in the continent are still a threat. Either way they too will try to approach from the seas with ships. The best one of this huge army is the insanely upgraded veteran dragoon. We should have 2-3 of this if possible and we must keep them alive at all costs. They will lead the army and heal them on rests.

This dragoon have two special upgrades(a general attached and inspiration bonus) and 12 regular upgrades. This is 3 withdrawal upgrades, that give 90% chance to retreat if the odds in battle turn out badly. 6 strength upgrades that give another +75% unit strength. And 3 healing upgrades for maximum  first aid efficiency. Though such a unit is not needed if we are not playing on higher difficulties and without loads.

Game Data:
Name: Civilization 4: Colonization
Genre: Turn Based Strategy (TBS)
Style: Renaissance (America)
Platform: PC/Windows
Year of Release: 2008
More Info: