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Civilization 4 Colonization - Native Tribes Screenshot

Civilization 4 Colonization - Native Tribes Screenshot
Civilization 4: Colonization PC Game - More explanation screenshots
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The native tribes in Civilization 4 Colonization computer game, are minor civilizations and will not make settlers and expand. Their villages are already in the new world, and we are actually the invaders. But we may play without fighting them. The game is to oppose the king, and the native villages can be very useful with Defensive Pacts. If we build our colonies around them, pay for the land we occupy, and attract some key Founding Fathers, the Indian tribes may love us and bring gifts from time to time.

First we can trade with them and avoid the insane taxes from the King. Second we may place missionaries to convert the natives, giving bonus free colonists. And third, we can train the gathering professions only from them. There is no Tobacco Planter specialist in Europe during these times. Here on the screenshot, the Cuzco village can train our free colonists into Expert Cotton Planters. The most useful are the farmer trainers.

Game Data:
Name: Civilization 4: Colonization
Type: Turn Based Strategy (TBS)
Genre: Renaissance (America)
Year of Release: 2008
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info

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