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Craft the World - Hole Trap Best Defense

Craft the World - Hole Trap  Description
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Hole traps are defensive tactic in Craft the World computer game. Usually a plain line around the house will stop the night monsters. It is still important to have a plain line, with cages and traps, before the house doors(at least 2), but on the ice planet there is that snow raining constantly, that make the terrain rugged and hard to fight. So a good tactic may be to dig big holes 4-5 squares away from the house so the monsters will fall inside and stay there. That may slow down their advance and even stop a whole wave of them. They of course, will try to escape and build bridges and body ladders. So when the day come, it is good idea to destroy their bridges with a teleport. And we must be careful not to connect the hole with some underground tunnel leading to the house. I tried to build a wall on the way of the monsters but they dig a passage through it. Also

The thing is, that being underground the skeletons will not perish from the day light and we may need to fight them to free the space. They are less versatile when having another job and will fall easily. The hole from the screen have entrapped not only skeletons but yetis and some local tribe villagers.

Game Data:
Name: Craft The World
Type: Real Time Strategy (RTS) Live Simulator (SIM)
Genre: Fantasy (Dwarves)
Year of Release: 2013
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info
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