Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Goal Tycoon - Team Campus Screenshot Main

Goal Tycoon
Tycoon genre iconModern style iconyear 2014 icon 
Goal Tycoon is an online football manager. It is a light remake of a standard CM (championship Manager) game, that is played in the Internet browser over time. It is quite exciting to have and mend a football team, like the big dudes in the football business.

This is the main screen of team campus. To the left is the Hotel building. The hotel gives energy points to the players. Right of it is the Restaurant. It gives energy too but in a different manner. More right is the Administrative building - it gives popularity points. More popularity, more fans will visit the matches, so more tickets sold and more money gained. Down to the left is the Hospital. When players are injured, they will spend some time there. Under it is the Parking. It gives popularity too. Right of it is the Stadium. Most important of it, are the seats for the fans. Installing more seats, more fans will come. And over it is the Training ground. There the players train and increase their skills.
The game is Freemium, which means there are a lot of free stuff to explore. There are one or two matches every day, so most of the time, the game will not need attention, except to mend trainings and coaches. When the good players reach age of 30, we need to think for replacement, to keep our positions in the league. Retired players become coaches.

Like everyone else, we dream to become champions. More money are made when teams plays in higher divisions. Also there are continental and country cup, that give additional matches to play and more money to gain. And the most interesting of all, is that there is a way to convert game money in real money with the game administrators and not some third party sites, like most other MMO games.

Game Data:
Name: Goal Tycoon
Genre: Tycoon (TYC) Browser Games (BWR)
Style: Modern (Football)
Year of Release: 2014
Platform: PC/Windows
Free Game: Goal Tycoon