Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Master of Defense - Level 1 Town Screenshot Main

Master of Defense - Level 1 Town Desription
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Master of  Defense PC video game is an exiting tower defense game, that is easy to launch and not much complex. There are 4 types of towers. A medieval tower that attack only ground monsters. A magic tower that attack only fliers, a tree tower that attack ground and air and an ice tower that slows the critters. We place these towers near the road where those mobs of monstrous critters move in waves.

In the first level, where the monsters attack the city, is not important where we place the towers. But it is important to have one tower on a good level before starting another. It is always best to upgrade them to a maximum level than building many of them. The first flying monster will be in wave 4 and the first boss in wave 6-8.

Game Data:
Name: Master of Defense
Type: Tower Defense
Genre: Fantasy (Ancient Kingdom)
Year of Release: 2006
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info

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