Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Master of Defense - Level 3 Iceland Screenshot

Master of Defense - Level 4 Iceland Screenshot
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Tower Defense genre iconFantasy style iconMedieval style iconyear 2006 icon
Level 3 of Master of  Defense PC game is a frozen snowy land. Thought it is most exciting to find your own spots to deploy the towers, here is a good placement. Every curve should contain at least one ice tower, one ground tower and two air towers. They should be leveled to maximum as soon as possible, then we move another curve. A maximum level 5 ice tower can slow a single monster to a state where it barely moves. So level 5 ice, lvl 5 air and lvl 10 ground towers must be made before the first boss arrive. With them, it have no chance.

Game Data:
Name: Master of Defense
Type: Tower Defense
Genre: Fantasy (Ancient Kingdom)
Year of Release: 2006
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info

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