Saturday, 18 July 2015

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This screen is not about a description but about a thought, that crossed my mind a few days ago.  I was going to the post office, near the train station at the end of the town, to run some complicated real quests. It is two streets away from my "castle", so it is not that far. There I saw one of the grassy, muddy passages, we used to play around, when we were kids. Back in the times, when I woke up in the "morning", there was only one ultimate goal in my mind, to put my pants with the most pockets and go to explore that narrow passages near the blocks and thick plant at the end of the town. Or the beautiful and wild places near the local river, where our parents forbid us to go. That was wonderful times and I would like to have them again. But being 35 it is somehow unnatural to call a friend and just explore the surrounding areas, beside, we already know all of it.

So I continued to walk to that post office that was getting bigger and bigger on the horizon. But strangely, that thought didn't bothered my at all, when it should. The thought, that I no longer can experience that exploration spirit should have really bother me.

A few more steps and there was the mailbox in front of the building. Then I realised, why it did not bother me. Because I can experience that spirit again, at any time, in games like World of Warcraft . It may be a virtual world, it may be created by human and not by nature, but I'm not choosy and I'm happy to just have the ability to feel it again. And that ability is available only from the last 15 years or so, so it is new for the human overall evolution. It's amazing, it should be explored and enchanted. I do not question the traveling concept, but how many of us have the time and the resources to travel any time they desire? :)

Game Data:
Name: World of Warcraft
Type: Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) Adventure (ADV)
Genre: Fantasy (Azeroth)
Year of Release: 2005 - More Info
Platform: PC/Window/Online

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