Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Warlords 3 - Game Preview

Warlords 3 Screenshot
TBS genre iconFantasy style iconMedieval style iconyear 1997 icon
Warlords 3 is the next sequel of the wonderful turn based strategy game.  It has two parts, Warlords 3: Reign Of Heroes, where we save Selentine Empire from hodes of undead, and Warlords 3: Darklords Rising, where we play the campaigh with the dark side. The graphic is no longer 2D and change to lovely isometric castles and armies. Beside the exciting campaigns, there are tons of scenario maps to play with any of 8 races in the game. The castles now produce more varieties of armies and heroes have the ability to cast spells. Its truly exiting adventure in the fantasy lands of the war lords. Warlords 3 also support multiplayer game up to 8 players.

All Warlords 3 Screenshots

Game data:
Name: Warlords 3
TypeTurn Based Strategy (TBS)
Genre: Fantasy, Medieval (Erythea) 
Year of release: 1997
Platform: PC/Windows

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