Friday, 18 September 2015

Warlords - Ruin Search Screenshot

Warlords - Ruin Search Description
Warlords Old PC game - More explanation screenshots
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Ruins are very important. The first thing we need to do with our first hero is to go ans search the ruins on the map. When a hero search it it become explored, so it is important to explore as many as possible first. To check explored ruins press "J" key.

When the hero reach the ruin he will need at least 1 movement point to search it, pressing "Z" key. If the ruin have an item, press "T" key to take it after exploration. Before exploring save your game, sometimes the hero may be slain by the defending monsters.

Finding some of the special units in the early stage of the game is very useful to conquer the neutral castles. For example, the Mage have 44 movement points and it is relatively strong.
Game data:
Name: Warlords
GenreTurn Based Strategy (TBS)
Style: Fantasy, Medieval (...)
Year of release: 1989, More Info  
Platform: PC/DOS/Windows with DOS-Box 

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