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Master of Magic - Troll Army

Master of Magic - Troll Army Screenshot
Master of Magic PC Game - More screenshots
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Another truly great game. Master of Magic is the first turn based 4x4 fantasy game released in 1994. We have witness a lot of remakes and titles similar to MoM, and the fans are always unhappy. But this is not because the new games are bad, it is because this game have real magic in it :)

Here on the screen is one versatile army of trolls and a hero. Trolls can be trained in special neutral cities after conquer.  They should make haste to defend that city with crawling around Draconians. We have one city with yellow and blue crystals in its radius. A gold resource that is not harvested and mithril(just above the left most city). One sorcery and nature node.

Game Data:
Name: Master of Magic. (1994) 

Type: Turn Based Strategy (TBS)
Genre: Fantasy (Land of wonders)
Year of Release: 1994
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info

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