Thursday, 8 October 2015

Space Rangers 2 - Types of Ships Screenshot

Space Rangers 2 - Types of Ships Description
Space Rangers 2 PC game - More explanation screenshots
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Space Ranger 2 is a very addicting multi style game. It include many different genres, where the player from a simple explorer, take part in defending the galaxy. 

It seems all these ships on the screen, are going to a sector attacked by Dominators. 
  • Green ones are Peleng ships. They are suitable for traders and fighters pilots.
  • Yellow ones are Gaalean ships. They have the best multi class modifications possible.
  • Red ones are Maloq ships. They are suitable for fighter pilots.
  • The white-blue ship is Human craft. Suitable for traders and fighters pilots.
  • The purple ship is a Faeyan design. They have strange modifications.
Game data:
Name: Space Rangers 2
TypeTurn Based Strategy (TBS), Turn Based Tactic (TBT), Role-Playing Game (RPG)
Genre: Space (Galaxy attacked by aliens)
Year of release: 2004
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info 

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