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Magic Sword 1993 - The Best Games Ever

Magic Sword 1993 Screenshot
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Magic Sword is another Capcom game from the 90s. It may look easier to play, because there is only left and right direction, jump, crouch and hit. But there are 51 levels, making it quite long. The warrior may hit with his sword on close distance or wait for the magic to refill and hit on longer distance. Another game feature are the companions. They are gathered from locked doors and some of them are better than the others as described below.
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Game Data:
Name: Magic Sword  
Type: Action Games (AG), Arcade Games (AR), Adventure (ADV)
Genre: Fantasy
Year of Release: 1993
Platform: PC/Windows/PS2/Xbox
Magic Sword Scimera Screenshot
 First Boss is a Chimera that jums around and throw fire.
Magic Sword Red Dragon Screenshot
 Second boss is a lighting breathing red dragon.
 Next boss is another Chimera
Magic Sword Worm Boss Screenshot
 Stair 24 is kept by a death worm boss.
Magic Sword Blue Dragon Screenshot
 Next boss is a two head blue dragon.
Magic Sword Abother Chimera Screenshot
 One more Chimera on stair 49.
Magic Sword Women Companion Screenshot
 Chests and archer companion.
Magic Sword Clay Golem Screenshot
 A big clay golem.
Magic Sword Dragon Companion Screenshot
 The dragon companion, may be the best one.
Magic Sword Axethrower Companion Screenshot
 The axe thrower companion.
Magic Sword White Mage Companion Screenshot
 White mage companion.
Magic Sword Dark Mage Companion Screenshot
 Dark mage companion and Fire balls.
Magic Sword Ninja Companion Screenshot
 Ninja companion, one of the best ones.
Magic Sword Stair 45 Screenshot
 On stair 45, the magic sword is very powerful.
Magic Sword Final Boss Screenshot
 And the final boss on stair 50. Do not take his place after victory.

A gameplay movie to stair 17:  

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