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Sensible Soccer | Screenshots

Sensible Soccer | Screenshots
Simulation genre iconModern style iconyear 1992 icon
Sensible Soccer 1992 is a football simulation game. It is more an arcade game, rather than manager game like the Championship Manager (CM). Computers were available nearly 30 years ago, back in the time the Sensible Soccer was a great game for football fans. There are only 5 keys to play the soccer, the arrow keys to move the player, and the space bar to shoot, pass or tackle.

Game data:
Name: Sensible Soccer
TypeSim (Football Simulator)
Genre: Modern (Stadium)
Platform: PC/DOS/Windows with DOS-Box
Year of release: 1992 - More info

Sensible Soccer Equipment Screenshots
Change the team equipment and color.
Sensible Soccer Match Screenshots
The game begins, the player with the ball is the player to command.
Sensible Soccer Loading Screen
 The loading screen.
Sensible Soccer Ball Possession Screenshot
If the ball is in opposing player, the nearest defender is active to command. Space bar to tackle and take the ball.
Sensible Soccer Half Time Screenshot
The half time Screen.
Sensible Soccer Tactic Set Screenshot
Change the tactic formation of the team.
Sensible Soccer Game Screenshot
 Got to score goals. The feeling of making goals is unforgettable.

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