Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Civilization: Beyond Earth - Virtues

Civilization: Beyond Earth - Virtues Screensot
The Virtues in Civilization: Beyond Earth gives some cool bonuses to the empire. They are unlocked with culture and have 4 main fields: Might, Prosperity, Knowledge and Industry. And there are those strange synergy bonuses. Every synergy bonus unlock additional benefits to the empire. How is the synergy bonus acquired? To unlock the horizontal synergies just get 5 virtues in the specific tree, like this on the screenshot. The first knowledge synergy is unlocked, as there are more than 5 knowledge virtues. The vertical synergies need a number of any virtue in the level of the tree. And finally here on the screen, one the most important Virtue for expansive players, the -40% cultural penalty for number of cities for new virtues.

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