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The Lost Vikings | Screenshots

The Lost Vikings game main picture
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The Lost Vikings is one fun and exiting adventure puzzle game. This is one of the first games of Blizzard Entertainment, when their name was Silicon & Synapse. There are 3 main heroes in the game, the three vikings. They are quite fun characters, fighting and arguing all the adventure. One night, while the viking village was in a sleep, a space ship came to abduct them. But the brave vikings will not give up, they will escape the alien ship and stumble upon strange and wonderful worlds, in the struggle to get home. Every viking have some specific ability. Erik can run fast and jump. He also can hit things with his head. Olaf have a shield. The shield reflect ranged attacks and can be used by Olaf as parachute. Here is a glimpse from this awesome game, reviewed in the following screenshots:

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Recorded adventure archive 28.08.2016 - 29.08.2016.
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Game Data:
Type: Puzzle,  SimAdventure
Genre: FantasyFuturistic (Vikings) 
Year of Release: 1993 - more info
Platform: PC/DOS/Windows with DOS-Box

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