Friday, 7 October 2016

Equip Items | Fantasy General Screenshot

Equip Items | Fantasy General Screenshot
If the unit finds an item on the battlefield, it will directly equip it. If it already have equipped item, the item will go in the inventory. Volunteers also send what they find in the inventory. Items are many, they include:
1. Javelins - giving skirmish attack;
2. Armor - giving defense;
3. Axe - giving attack;
4. Crossbows - giving ranged attack against flyers;
5. Many types of stuff, like the Stuff of Healing;
6. And many more like boots, rings and cloaks.

I personally equip heroes with Javelins, Heavy infantries with armor, Heavy cavalries with crossbows, Flyers and light cavalries with Stuff of Healing.

All descriptive screenshots for Fantasy General.

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