Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Master of Orion 2 Race Creation Screenshot

Master of Orion 2 Race Creation Screenshot
What is your custom race in Master of Orion 2 super cool game, yet exciting to play in 2017? There are hundreds of good sets, but here is mine and I find it very easy to play with it.

1. First, I choose Meklars, because they are somewhat wide and I can catch them easily in the planet menu to move them. Also, Meklars are machines, and I like robots.

2. Then I clean all picks and I have 10 picks. But they are not enough. I place some negative picks like Low Gravity world. Later in the game I will research the Gravity Generator to fix this. Then I take -10 ground combat and -10 spying. Rivals will steal from me anyway, and when it comes to ground combat I have already failed. But now I have 20 picks to spend.

3. With this 20 picks I take Lithovore - so the robots will not need any food to eat, alawing them to be placed only to production and research. The second is Creative - so I can get all technologies from the science fields research. And that's it, I leave 2 picks so that when I discover Evolutionary Mutation science, I can make my robots become Subterranean - increase planet capacity, or + 2 Industry. I still testing which is better.

And now I'm going back to play!

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