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Dune 2 - Screenshots Walkthrough

Dune 2 Main Picture
 RTS genre iconFuturistic style iconyear 1992 icon
Dune 2 computer game is one of the first enchanted graphics real time strategies , and the first isometric RTS game in the world. It consist of 9 missions, played in different regions of Dune. We may choose to play one of three houses - Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen. The game refer to Dune novel, written by Frank Herbert. It is an exciting adventure in the sand planet and Arrakis atmosphere and intrigue. For experienced RTS players, it may take 12 hours of gameplay, or three days of healthy gaming.
Recorded adventure archive 16.02.2016 - 18.02.2016.
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Game Data:
Name: Dune 2
Type: Real Time Strategy (RTS)
Genre: Futuristic (Planet Arrakis) 
Year of Release: 1992
Platform: PC/DOS/Windows with DOS-Box
 Intro. The story begins with a little history about the planet Arrakis and the three main houses that are sent there to harvest the precious spice by the emperor.
House Atreides
 House Atreides is the most noble house. They have a special unit Sonic Tank and a special building, which deploy fremens on the battlefield. House Harkonnen have the most powerful units and a building, which launch a heavy missile, but they are evil in nature, suitable for dark side players.
Mission 1 Harvesting
Mission 1 begins. We construct a Windtrap for energy and a Refinery to deploy our harvester. The red spots on the sand is the spice Melange. It is the only resource we need to build units and structures. Our harvester is given an order to harvest the spice. We can see a Carryall flying around, but it just carried the harvester. Later the Carryalls are very useful.
 The Windtrap is the structure power source. It is only used to power up the Radar. Without radar we do not need Windtraps.
Mission 2 Conquest
After the short training in mission 1, we choose a territory to Conquest in Mission 2.
Spice Bouble
Spice Bauble. While exploring the map, we may encounter the spice baubles. They look like this one on the screenshot and are marked as red dot on the radar map. To burst the bauble we need to fire on it with a unit. Or if a unit pass over it, the bauble will be cracked, but the unit will be lost. When bursted, a region with spice will appear on the spot.
The Radar is one truly important building. It will turn on the mini map, where we can monitor the progress of the battle.
Mission 2 combat
Mission 2 combat. One good tactic is to seek the enemy harvesters and destroy them. Without spice, the rivals can not repair their buildings, and fall easily.
Light Vehicle Factory
The Light Vehicle Factory is the first available vehicle unit production. Trikes and Quads may be produced there. Also it is needed prerequirement for heavier factories.
Mission 2 Trikes
Trikes are the fastest unit in game, suitable for exploring. They are week and it will take some time to destroy a building with them, but for now, we do not have anything else.
Mission 3 Conquest
After we are victorious we choose a territory to Conquest in Mission 3. The map is now all taken and we need to attack another house.
Mission 3 Explore
Mission 3 begins with exploration. One windtrap, a refinery and a radar are the usual first buildings. But latest missions, we may want to build another 2-3 refineries before switching the radar on.
Ouch, a Sandworm. Higher missions have 2-3 Sandworms. As we already know from Dune 1 and the books, the Sandworms are the native live forms of Dune. Here on Dune 2 they will try to eat every vehicle walking on the sands. So it is safe on solid ground. They are tough and hard to destroy. They may sometimes eat almost full harvester, so it is good to get rid of them early. One option is to feed them with useless units. When they swallow 3-4 units they will disappear. They do not like foot units though, and later they will refuse even Trikes and eat only tanks and heavy units. Experienced players may use the sandworms as advantage in early defence.
Mission 3 Quads
A bunch of Quads are making the final assault in Mission 3. Quads are stronger than Trikes, but yet useful only for exploration.
Mission 4 Conquest
Almost half of the map is ours. Now we must choose a spot to smash some Harkones in Mission 4.
Mission 4 Exploring
In Mission 4 the Tank factory become available. Finally a good fighting unit.
Tank Factory
The Heavy Vehicle Factory, or simply Tank Factory, require Light Vehicle Factory constructed. It consumes a lot of power.
Mission 4 Tank
With the Tank, destroying buildings in Mission 4 become easier. Also tanks and harvesters can squish foot units.
After mission 4, the emperor's true intentions begins to emerge.
Mission 5 Conquest
In Mission 5 we will punish some Ordos.
 Repair Factory
 We may finally construct the Repair Factory and the first turrets. It is always good the factory to be placed in some front lines, so the repaired units are close to the battle.We may need more than one repair.
Carryall Production
Also in mission 5 we can build the High Tech factory for the first time, where we can produce All-Purpose Carryalls.They are extremely useful. For example, when a harvester is full, the Carryall will go and lift it to the Refinery, then return it back to its harvesting spot. They also lift damaged units and carry them to the Repair.
Rocket Launcher
And the Rocket Launchers. They fire heavy damage missiles, suitable for building destruction. They are not very sharp and fire aimlessly, but yet the best ranged unit. Also they have good spotting range, but are week. If caught alone while exploring, they will probably perish.
Mission 5 Invading
Mission 5 Invading. A good tactic for invasion is a construction vehicle on the enemy platform. A few buildings and turrets, and we invade from the safety of the base.
Mission 6 Conquest
Mission 6 Conquest. Time to battle more Harkones.
In mission 6, we can construct the first Starport. The most important building in game. The Starport will offer older units with variable price. We should check there regularly for Harvester for 150 spice, Carryalls for 540 spice and construction vehicles for as low as 540 spice.
Siege Tank
Also mission 6 present the Siege Tank. The best tank after the Harkonnen Devastator. He is strong and fire two rounds as long as not damaged.
Mission 6 Invading
Invading with missile launchers and siege tanks is a love song. Though the missile turrets are very tricky.
Mission 7 Conquest
We got 70% of the planet. Time to eliminate Ordos in Mission 7 Conquest
Sonic Tank
The Sonic Tank is the special Atreides unit. It is first available in Mission 7, and may be produced in the Tank Factory only. Can not be bought from the Spaceport. To be able to produce Sonic Tanks we also need the High-Tech special building. The tank fire a sonic wave, which damages everything on its way, including allied units and buildings. It is not very strong and is suitable for small rides or defense, if positioned properly.
Ornitopters are available in Mission 7, but they are just one big loss of spice. They can not be controlled and enemy turrets will soon shoot them down.
 Mission 7 Invading
Here is a good standing position in the deep centre for invading the Ordos in Mission 7.
Mission 8 Conquest
We are almost done. We got to choose Mission 8 Conquest.
Harkonnen Devastator
Now all units and buildings are available for all sides. Here is the Harkonnen Devastator. It is a heavy two barrel tank, which is hard to destroy. And to bitter our lives, when destroyed it explodes, damaging everything around, buildings and units. We should kite them far from base.
Ordos Deviator
Here is the Ordos Deviator. It is a launcher, which fires a green gas. When hit, a unit will switch sides and become Ordos controlled. Happily the computer does not play very good with them, and when hit by another unit, it will change side again. So in practise, we can carry tanks and a trike against Deviators. When the tank fall under enemy control, the trike fire at it, and the tank is sober again, without much damage.
Mission 8 Invading. Saboteor
While invading the Ordos on Mission 8, we found a dormant Saboteur. Saboteurs are Ordos Palace units, capable of destroying a unit or building if able to reach it.
Story Intrigue
For the last mission, the emperor will combine its forces with the other two remaining houses.
Mission 9 Conquest
The last Dune territory is ready for Mission 9 Conquest.
Last mission
Here is a glimpse of the Last Mission 9 Invasion. The whole mission is recorded in a two hours gameplay movie:

Watch Two hours gameplay movie leading to Victory! Played by Ogo Bob.

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