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Chariots of War - Screenshots Hints

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Chariots of War computer game is another hooking turn based strategy, taking place in ancient time, when civilizations just emerged. It remained a little unappreciated for unknown reasons. There are just two flows, which are probably fixed in newer versions. One is that there is no windowed screen mode, and most ways to run it windowed will fail, except with virtual machine, which is time and resource consuming. Another is the inability to skip battles. Beside that, the game is a great example of a classic turn based strategy game and exiting adventure in the ancient times.
Recorded adventure archive 12.02.2016 - 16.02.2016.
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Game Data:
Name: Chariots of War  
Type: Turn Based Strategy (TBS)
Genre: Ancient (Middle East) 
Year of Release: 2003
Platform: PC/Windows
Campaign Selection
Campaign Selection. First we choose the campaign we want to play. Then we select difficulty level and finally choosing a tribe by clicking its territory on the map to the right.
Lets' Begin
Lets' Begin. We choose a small map to practise a little. Also Thracians begin in the upper corner and it is always better to have some sides secured. We have 3 cities, one of it Dyme an outpost. There are two types of cities in Chariots of War. One, with the house icons are villages, which may be developed and grown. The other one is the outposts, which may have just one building and fort.
First city
First city. Here is how the cities looks like. At first they are just encampments, which may hold only one building. Different buildings cost different materials. There is a farm and one man working in it. We also have two unemployed men down left on the city. To make the city grow we need a morale over the yellow scale and to build the Large Encampment later. At first armies are week, but later we will construct cool buildings to train units.
Trading. Trade is essential part during the whole game. In the trade screen we buy materials we need and sell materials we have plenty. Right mouse button to increase/decrease by 10. When we set the amounts, it will automatically make the transactions every turn. First we will need a lot of Building Materials. Although we can manufacture it, there isn't nearly enough for all buildings we want. More explanation in Material Usage screenshot.
Expanding. We start with a few units, so it is good idea to send them to capture some neutral cities, before other tribes take them. But we must not forget the defense. Sometimes independent barbarian armies will emerge and attack our raremost cities.
Battle Deploy
Battle Deploy. In the first combat stage we position our units and set them formation and tactic to play. The rival units afar from the middle line will remain hidden.
Battle Screen
Battle Screen. When ready, the battle begins. We can not control the units and can only watch the battle. Sadly there is no skip button either.
Making Chariots
Making Chariots. Chariots by far is the best combat unit in the game. They are fast and move a lot of distance in open terrain. To produce them we first need a free space in the city to construct an Onager Stables. Upgrading the stable and discovering new technologies will allow more powerful chariots. The first chariots are the Gish Battle Carts. They will need sufficient amount of Food, Copper, Wood and Horses to be produced.
Technologies. From time to time new technologies will be available, to construct new buildings and units. We can not control technology development, they come with the time progressing and will be available to all tribes.
Resources Usage
Materials Usage. Some times random materials will appear on the map. Here is what material are used for:
  • Gold: Used to trade resources. We can not buy buildings and units with gold;
  • Food: Used to support armies and feed population. When army is outside, it will consume triple the amount of food;
  • Wood: Used to produce new Archers and Chariots;
  • Building Materials: Used to construct buildings in the cities. We need a lot of it;
  • Copper: Used for some buildings, Chariots and Swordsmen;
  • Tin: Used for buildings and Swordsmen;
  • Horses: Used to produce Chariots;
  • Gems: Used for high level buildings;
  • Incense: Used for high level buildings.
Enemy Armies
Enemy Armies. Enemies will move on the map, trying to capture our cities. Their move is indicated with blue dotted line. Rivers can not be crossed, sometimes guarding a bridge is good tactic to force armies to seek longer routes.
Second Chariot
Second Chariot. Constructing the Stable building allow construction of ranged chariots - Ne'arin Chariots. They are good in close combat too.
Chariot Battle
Chariot Battle. Chariots are best in open terrain. If we face weaker army we can set charge tactic for faster victory.
First Swordsmen
First Swordsmen. Swordsmen are slow, but good in hills and mountains battles.
Archer Army
Archer Army. Archers are best for defense, especially in hills and mountains.
Archers Battle
Archers Battle. When using archer, it is good to have some chariots in front of them. In this battle the rivals can hardy reach our position.
Mixed Army
Mixed Army. Here is an army consist of Chariots, Archers and Spearmen.
Military City
Military City. It is good to have some military cities. They may hold less production buildings, have Barracks, Training grounds, Herbalist and Temple. Also some units will require additional buildings like Blacksmith, Archer Academy or Workshop.
Production City
Production City. Most of the cities will be production cities. They need as much material buildings, a Library to boost production and Herbalist to generate more population to work. Also Wood production cities may have Workshops too.
Thracians Special Unit
Thracian Special Unit. The Thracian special unit is the Sea Peoples Warband. They are not as good as other tribes special units.
Mega Archers
Mega Archer. The highest level of archers are the Mega archers. They fight in very tight formation with rain of arrows.
Third Chariot
Third Chariot. The most advance chariots are the Ansukurra Mes Chariots. They fight at close range and only spearmen can scare them.
Second Swordsmen
Second Swordsmen. This is the ultimate defense army. 7 Mega archers and one Menfat Swordsmen to hold position before their lines.
Victory! When our empire dominates in power and economics, we win the game. A glass of water and a candy for the winners!

27 minutes of Chariots of War gameplay

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