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Thursday 17 October 2019

StarCraft: Brood War Screenshots Walkthrough

Today We Play: StarCraft: Brood War

Yes, yes, I know it is 20 years since I first played this game, but I needed a screenshot from it, and it is so easy to install, and Blizzard give it for free, and I started the campaign, go here, go there, and I was hooked again. Met my old friends we hanged out  in the 90's, Raynor, with his strange mustache, and Fenix still alive... This game is like a freaking time machine! And here is a fast screenshots walkthrough of the campaigns and the story behind them.

Protoss Campaign.

Mission 1: Escape from Aiur.

Mission 1: Escape from Aiur.
After Tessadar sacrificed to destroy the overmind, the Zerg forces are still on the planet roaming mindlessly. Zeratul must make his way trough the swarming Zergs and escape from Aiur.
StarCraft: Brood War Mission 1: Escape from Aiur.
At the bottom right, there is the escape gateway where Zeratul meets Fenix and Raynor.

Friday 11 October 2019