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Open Xcom - The Best Games Ever

Open Xcom Screenshots
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Openxcom is an open source continuation of  UFO: Enemy Unknown, known as X-COM 1 or simply UFO 1. Basically, the game remain the same, but with tons of new content, aliens, weapons, crafts and researches. It took me one exiting month of gameplay with 4 hours/day without weekends. For inspiration I was watching parallelly "Stargate SG-1".

Recorded adventure archive: 20.11.2015 - 19.01.2016
Previous adventure. Next game from the adventures Book.

Game Data:
Name: Open Xcom.
Genre: Futuristic (Earth)
Year of Release: 2010 - 2016+
 Windows Mac OS X Android Ubuntu Debian ArchLinux FreeBSD Fedora Gentoo Maemo MorphOS NixOS OpenBSD OpenPandora openSUSE 
Open Xcom - Globe Screenshot
From the Globe Screen we coordinate missions. Right now there are two alien ships landed for some sort of research or abduction, marked in green X. If we find a supply ship landing, probably there is an alien base there.
OpenXcom - Gazer Alien Screenshot
One of the OpenXcom mods aliens, the Gazer is strong, but not very fast - have approx 50-60 TU.
Open Xcom - Snipers Screenshot
In early terror missions we need to get a lot of High Explosives to be able to clear the big aliens. As always it is good to have one sniper on the high ground, if we manage to get there.
Open Xcom - Man in Black Agent Screenshot
A Man in Black Agent is wondering in front of the Skyranger. He is carring a simple gun and no armor. MiB is another fraction like X-Com, but instead of fighting the aliens, they offer them safe houses and coverage.
Open Xcom - MiB Ship Screenshot
This is a MiB(Man in Black) ship shot down by our crafts. MiB come either with this ships or with base ships, which do not present in the tactical combat, but contain around 40 MiB and tanks.
Open Xcom - Storm Trooper Screenshot
The Stormtroopers are one of MiB soldiers. They have a stormtrooper armor, which can fly and increase the base Accurace. From a rocovered Stormtrooper body we may sinthesise this armour before researching it.
Open Xcom - Alien Base Screenshot
With the fist laser rifles we can confidently wipe out some alien bases. A lot of materials, powers sources and items may be recovered from alien bases.
Open Xcom - Hybrids Screenshot
Hybrid aliens are borowed from Xenonauts game. They are not very bright, have weak weapons, have no armour and come in good terrains without ships. They are excelent for reaction practice.
Open Xcom - Anthropod Screenshot
 The Anthropod aliens are terror soldiers. At first they look very scary, and their thick skin makes them hard to eliminate with one shot. Anhropods come with another nasty alien form that is reborn after kill.
Open Xcom - Anthropod Autopsy
The Anthropod Autopsy
Open Xcom - Concussive Cannon Screenshot
 A wall photo of the team, captured during mission. The four types of armor are (1.violet) Personal Armor. (2. White) Power Suit. (3. Black) Stormtrooper Armor. (4. Blue) Synthsuit. The Synthsuit armor have no good defense, but increase the base TU of the soldier with 20. A 80 TU sldier with Synthsuit can use Mind Control action 4 times! Also here is the sole Concussion Cannon I got for the hole game. This weapon do not need ammo and stun the enemy with one shot.
Open Xcom - X-Com Base Screenshot
A well designed X-Com base with 3 workshops and 2 labs.
Open Xcom - Alien Ship Screenshot
An alien research ships full with sectoids. This one is ready to be taken alive with the Taser Pistol.
Open Xcom - Rail Gun Screenshot
This is the Alien Drone which escorts the Hybrid worriors. Buhmir, armed with the newly discovered Rail Gun is eager to make some frags. Rail guns have the most damage, but lack mobility.
Open Xcom - Explosives Screenshot
The aftermath from high explosives, nothing can be seen from teh smoke :)
Open Xcom - Fusion Torch Screenshot
 The Fusion Torch(in left hand) can be used to make holes in the ships.
Open Xcom - Tassoth Screenshot
The Reptoid aliens are borrowed from UFO 2. They have a good amount of TU and carry fine weapons.
Open Xcom - Laser Rifle Screenshot
An ancient structures in the desert terrain
Open Xcom - Muton Warriors Screenshot
After the third month, the base was attacked by all types of Muton worriors, carring the most powerful weapons and very hard to eliminate.
Open Xcom - Waspi Screenshot
The Waspite are well armored flying aliens similar to Klackons. Fighting them with simple weapons and no armor is very hard.
Open Xcom - Ethereals Under Control Screenshot
Here are a bunch of Etherials. We take them under control and remove their weapons. After that, they are harmless.
Open Xcom - Landing Site 144 Screenshot
 144 alien ships have landed so far.
Open Xcom - Trampling Screenshot
The scout is advancing with the mind control weapon in right hand.
Open Xcom - Sell Items Screenshot
 In the beginning, money are always not enough. When we develop a well defended or hidden construction base we begin manufacturing Alien Laser Rifles and sell them for profit. Selling 1315 Alien Laser Rifles for 52 000 $.
Open Xcom - UFO - 420 Screenshot
At around UFO 420we should be able to discover Cydonia or Bust and make the final mission.
Open Xcom - Cydonia Brain Screenshot
Finally we reach the Cydonia Base. After a strugling battle we find a strane brain-like entity. Before we destroy it, the brain reveal some interesting story about ancient Earth history.

The folowing are some Gameplay Movies from Ogo's epic adventure, beginning with the last two missions on the surface of Mars and the alien underground base:
Cydonia full surface mission, played by Ogo bob.
Cydonia full mission inside the alien base, reaching the master brain. No casualties.
Equiping soldiers and going for a small alien craft with two Floaters inside.
Battle against Wasp aliens
Supply ship mission. Ethereals under control.
Medium ship mission. Cerebral aliens combat.
Terror mission. Chtonite alien combat.
Small alien research ship mission. Anthropod alien combat.
Four Sectopods taken in one blow lol.
Overview of All 64 soldiers that took part of this adventure.

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  1. I'm glad to share my adventures and I'm happy they can be useful. I just had to make this blog earlier, so many old games yet to play, and so many new PC and mobile ones :)

  2. Hello, please can you specify a link on how to install this mod? I own both ufo and tftd but i fail to get the right version of open xcom you are talking about. Thanks a lot

  3. It is very changed since the last time I played, but I believe they have explanation how ti run a mod on the web site https://openxcom.org/. They do not provide the original version of UFO 1, thaugh, it is mandatory.