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Knights of the Round - The Best Games Ever

Knights of the Round Screenshots
Action genre iconAdventure genre iconMedieval style iconyear 1991 icon
Capcom Knights of the Round is another 90's hack and slash arcade game, available for consoles and later for PC and other platforms. I still remember the best player from the company, back in the previous age when we were exploring these amazing ways of entertainment. Knights of the Round video game take us in the middle age England and the legend of king Arthur. We may play one of 3 main charracters, which were the most trusted knights from the Round Table.
Recorded adventure archive 25.01.2016.
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Game Data:
Type: Action Games (AG), Arcade Games (AR), Adventure (ADV)
Genre: Fantasy, Medieval
Year of Release: 1991
Platform: PC/Windows/PS2/Xbox
Knights of the Round  Map Screenshot When we choose a player we begin the adventure from the Village on fire. Every stage have a representative map. On this adventure, we play Lancelot. He have average, speed, armor, and weapon range.
Knights of the Round - Stage 1 Sword Man Screenshot
In stage 1, we make way through the village, facing some fighters and sword men. Lancelot still have no armor and simple sword.
Knights of the Round - Stage 1 Boss Screenshot
At the end of the village is waiting the first boos, the Scorn. He is tough and have 2 powerful attacks.
Knights of the Round - Stage 2 Pike Men Screenshot
Stage 2 lead us in to the woods. Some fighters pikemen and busters are stalking there. Lancelot also got a horse.
Knights of the Round - Stage 2 Boss Screenshot
 Stage 2 boss is Braford. He comes on a horse. When we manage to get the horse, its better rush it for some damage and continue on foot.
Knights of the Round - Bobmb Drop Screenshot
Sometimes when we smash objects, may appear some random drops. This is a Bomb drop. When we got it, its better wait for as much rivals to appear and take it. They all will perish and drop their treasure or food. Knights of the Round - Stage 3 Buster Screenshot
Approaching the castle in stage 3, we meet heavy resistance. All types of busters, fighters and bird men are trying to stop us. But Lancelot now have a good shoulder armor and sword.
Knights of the Round - Call Horse Drop Screenshot
This is a Horse drop. Taking the drop will call a horse to ride.
Knights of the Round - Stage 3 Boss Screenshot
Stage 3 boss is Arlon. He have a powerful rush attack and cast area spells around himself.
Knights of the Round - Level Up Drop Screenshot
Beginning stage 4, we got a Level Up Drop. It is the best possible drop. Always slice treasure chest, as it may some times apear from there.
Knights of the Round - Stage 4 Barbarian Screenshot
 In stage 4 we face some barbarians, who shoot arrows and fight in close combat.
Knights of the Round - Stage 4 Boss Screenshot
 Stage 4 boss is the Phantom. He is fast, can hide and throw some magic fire balls.
Knights of the Round - Stage 5 Bird Men Screenshot
  Stage 5 pass by the river. Riding the horse we must be always on teh move or we will be dumped by the enemy.
Knights of the Round - Stage 5 Boss Screenshot
Balbars is the stage 5 boss. He has this great hummer, that kike to smash with and make some nasty big jumps and heavy land.
Knights of the Round - Stage 6 Scorn Screenshot
 In stage 6, Lancelot is wearing a gold armor and super cool sword. Here some of the prevoius bosses are ordinary fighters.
Knights of the Round - Stage 6 Boss Screenshot
 In the fields we meet Huramasa, stage 6 boss. He is a heavy armored samurai, who can throw fire.
Knights of the Round - Stage 7 Maces Screenshot
 Stage 7 take part in the castle. Some traps and puzzles must be handled with care.
Knights of the Round - Stage 7 Boss Screenshot
The boss of stage 7 is the Iron Golem. He is not very hard if we can handle the supporting enemy  troops.
Knights of the Round - Final Boss Screenshot
 And finally we meet Garibaldi, the final boss. It is truly hard to beat him with just one coin.
Knights of the Round - Victory Screenshot
But all efforts were worth it. We saved this world once more. 

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