Sunday 5 May 2019

Today We Play: Civilization 2 Gold

Today We Play: Civilization 2 Gold
Suddenly I got this excessive desire to play Civ 2 gold. This game has the best I love in games, runs without problems,  runs without delay and do not have screen resolution problems. I found an old map and modified it for grinding in the highest difficulty. The orange player is my choice, it starts at the bottom and have a way to the center where there are a lot of rivers. All other players start on separated unified land and have plenty of room for expanding. There are also 3 minor islands connected between the land away from the center. The close roads to the center are mountains for efficient defense. Here is the original Civ 2 Gold map

But to have a chance on highest difficulty, I made a scenario map with some key features:
  • Science is 80/10, which is very slow, something like 160 turns to discover Pottery. For that goody huts are very important as they are the only science source at the beginning. Be sure to find Masonry to build the Pyramids, and more importantly Pottery for Hanging Gardens.
  • Money are set to 2k, this is to have a chance to build the Hanging Gardens before the rivals, if you manage to discover Pottery. And optional Pyramids. The other early wonders are expendable.
  • Maximum turns are set to 4200, to have a lot of time for grinding.
  • Hills terrain is set to 4 food and 8 Trade with irrigation. There is no hill terrain in the game, so you have to make one if you like with Engineers when discover them. This is to test how much money may be made at late game for one turn, i.e. can we make 30k per turn? :)
  • And that is pretty much it. Expand fast, mend disorders, get a city in the center covered with mountains, make forts on the mountains, by that time rivals should have cities in the center too, make diplomats and get armies from none to prepare for late game. 

Today We Play: Civilization 2 Gold Limits
Then try to reach the limits in the late game :)

Recorded Adventure Archive 30.04.2019 - 06.05.2019.

More Civ 2 Gold screenshots.