Tuesday 4 January 2022

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Review

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At long last I managed to lay hands on this game. I didn't had much expectations but just wanted to see how the Age of Wonders genre continues. I'm grateful for every strategy game out there, so this will be just a little constructive critics :) And so we start every mission on different planet like Pandora or SMAC, but on many planets. There are 6 types of terrain(arcadian, fungal, lava, arid, snow, ocean), but you can not change them like in the old AW, there is a forstation spell but it's puny. Spells are Operations here but it is similar. Unit cap is level 5 - puny. Some units have metamorph, which means on level 5 they become next tier unit, like Psi-Fishes, silicoids, and some more which are not on main races - great. Hero level cap is 20, 25 on last DLC - puny. There are 8 races so far: Kir'ko(like klackon), Vanguards (humans), Dvar (dwarves), Amazon, Sindicate, some lizards, Oathbound (interesting race of paladins) and finally the Assembly (similar to Borgs from Startreck). Actually the Assembly is may be the best race. They have super flier with area attack plus super cool modifications like a lot of damage, stunning targest and reviving after combat. Also they modificates on the same turn, as they like to adapt :) So the races are cool. Now the campaign is puny, two missions per race, puny puny. But after that we may play sort of conquaring many planets with favorite heroes. And finally the 3D graphics. I suppose it is OK, buautiful to watch while drinking the coffee, but when the strategy and combat starts... I have made so many missclicks on this 3D combat map that I can not count them. So in general it is worth it. It's not worth the Shadow Magic or old AW, but yet cool to have a memory of it :)

Type: Turn Based Strategy (TBS),
Genre: Futuristic. (Galaxy Planets)
Year of Release: 2019
Platform: PC/Windows 7/8/10/

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