Monday 31 December 2018

Planets and Buildings | Stellaris: MegaCorp

Planets and Buildings | Stellaris: MegaCorp screenshot
There are 3 types of buildings in Stellaris: MegaCorp. First is the housing district, which subtract from the planet size number and give only housing. Second is the production districts, which are different in number for every planet and give jobs for energy production, mineral production and food production. They also subtract from the planet size limit. The third is the planet buildings, which are unlocked by the population size and do not count to Administrative Cap or subtract from the planet size number. They give the rest of the bonuses including science and special resources jobs. So as long as you have enough housing, you can have unlimited population.

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Sunday 30 December 2018

Planets and Sectors | Stellaris: MegaCorp

Planets and Sectors | Stellaris: MegaCorp screenshot
Colonized planets in Stellaris: MegaCorp goes in predefined sectors that you can not control. Every sector may have one leader who will apply his bonuses in all planets in the sector. If you colonize a desolated planet with no another planet in the two stars away you will need a leader only for this planet. In general a sector include 1-2 stars way from the star you colonize, but you can click the top left button in the down right panel to check the sectors. And always save before colonizing.

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Saturday 29 December 2018

Star System | Stellaris: MegaCorp

Star System | Stellaris: MegaCorp screenshot
Every star system in Stellaris: MegaCorp may have one to 3 stars, has a neutron star or a black hole. There are a couple of wormholes in some star systems that lead to another system in the galaxy, as well as a few Star Gates that lead to the Replicators world, when they are activated. A star system may have up to 3 colonizable planets and even 4 if a terraforming event is found. When surveyed some of the uninhabitable planets like gas giants and asteroids may reveal a resource, energy, minerals or science. These resources are utilized with the construction ship. And also every star system may have only one star base in it.   

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Friday 28 December 2018

Galaxy Map | Stellaris: MegaCorp

Galaxy Map | Stellaris: MegaCorp screenshot
I usually play a ring galaxy with normal star line connections. In Stellaris: MegaCorp you can reach a star only through a star line, except the science ship when you discover the FTL drive. So being a ring galaxy there are always two major fronts, which sometimes are accessed trough only one star, making this star a key position for starbases. Every star has its own influence and creating a starbase with a construction ship claims this star system even if there is no planets there. To be claimed, the star system need to be fully surveyed. But either you and your rivals can cross a star and take the star behind the key star if it is not taken. Actually I dreamed of it, and the next day one of the rivals done it! 

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Thursday 27 December 2018

Today we Play: Stellaris: MegaCorp

Stellaris: MegaCorp Screenshot
RTS genre iconSpace style iconyear 2018 icon
Stlellaris: Megacorp is a new stand alone game, released in 2018. It is again an epic adventure in a vast galaxy thrilled with live and extraordinary species, strange anomalies and hundreds of minor events. But the game engine is totally different, making it virtually a new game. 

Here are some notes and hints to understand it better:
  • The science ship is now more important than ever. Stars can not be colonized or constructed without being fully surveyed by a science ship.
  • Now every star have its own influence border and you can claim it only with a star base before a colony. Although star bases again cost influence, it is much more bearable. 
  • Combat ships can not travel to unexplored colonies.
  • Now the planet development is separated in districts and buildings. 
  • Districts are the  resource gathering and housing places and they are defined by the planet size.
  • Buildings are for the specialists and give all types of other resources, science and bonuses and they are defined  by planet population. It seems the planet population may be always 100.
  • Planet limits are now Administrative points which are limits to everything, planets, systems and districts.
  • There is also some Empire Cohesion penalties if you try to expand your empire too much.
  • And if by some reason your game stops at the "g" at generating new game screen, then in the main menu start console with "` key" and type: Threading.TaskThreadCount 4. As a result you will see a 4. Then start a new game.  
Recorded Adventure Archive 26.12.2018 - 06.01.2019.
Game Data:
Name: Stellaris: MegaCorp. (2018)
Type: Real Time Strategy (RTS)
Genre: Space (Galaxy)
Year of Release: 2018
Platform: PC/Windows 7/8/10, Linux

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Sunday 23 December 2018

Independence Victory | Free Colonization

Independence | Free Colonization
We must declare independence before year 1800 or the game is lost. Ready or not, the peaceful trading times are over and the war is knocking on the door. Now soldiers may have another level after veteran soldiers becoming Continental army. Like Colonization 4, the king will try to place all his available units in one place and try to conquer other colonies from there, so it is good to have a "trap town" and play offensive on plains terrain with all available cavalries.
Independence Victory | Free Colonization
Yet another glorious and exiting victory! :)

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Saturday 22 December 2018

The Colony Adviser | Free Colonization

The Colony Adviser | Free Colonization
Here is a glimpse of the production rates in the year 1738. every colony must have at least 3 farmers. Still plenty of time for development.

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Friday 21 December 2018

Bigger City Numbers | Free Colonization

Bigger City Numbers | Free Colonization
Have you ever wondered, why some colonies have bigger numbers in Free Colonization? It is because colonies with bigger numbers have space for a new colonist in the city, without the city to experience a drop in Liberty Bells. This is very handy information indeed.

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Thursday 20 December 2018

Free Colonization | Growing Colonies

Free Colonization | Growing Colonies
My colonies are now at number of 7 and 8. This is almost near optimal number of colonists for a small amount of liberty bells. the next screenshot shows a good arrangement of inhabitants.
Free Colonization | Growing Colony
First, every colony must have food space, two farmers or fishermen are mandatory. Must have one forest to chop down trees and construct buildings. Later the forest may be utilized by furtrappers. Then we need ore. A hill or a desert, or a swamp should do the job and they may be used for another production. Then we need at least one specialist of four main goods, Cigars, Clothes, Coats and Rum, as well as an expert planter in these fields. Finally but not least important the liberty bells, one man should always make some liberty bells so the colony is better in production and planting.

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Wednesday 19 December 2018

Today we Play: Free Colonization

Today we Play: Free Colonization
These days are awesome for free colonization. But I was unable to run the latest Java 8 version on Windows XP to play the latest free col game. The solution is to find a downgraded version of Java 8, the first two 8 versions works, but that is it, from now on, no version of java will run on Win XP, so in a few years we no longer will be able to play it on XP. But I'll put the latest playable versions of java and freecol here so in future times we can enjoy this awesome piece of art.  

Free Col production set 6 colonists
And here is my northern colony in free colonization. There are those snowy forests. This is a standard production set for 2nd stage developed colony with 6 colonists max. 

Ogo Bob in his northern colony in free colonization.
And here I am in my northern snowy colony :) :D 

Here are some useful notes about the game:
  • Saved games location: my_docs\Freecol\save\*.fsg
  • When trying to launch install: "The application you are trying to install requires a 1.8 version or later of the java platform. This is a working 1.8 java version running on Windows XP too.
  • Factors influencing relations with indians: difficulty level, proximity of settlement, missionaries(establishing missions in other settlements of the same indian nation improves attitude in the current settlement), trading(more specifically BUYING WITHOUT HAGGLING), troop movement, tile improvements, land acquisition, proximity of soldiers. Angry and Hateful attitude can not be improved except with the appropriate founding father.
  • If the number of the colony is a little bit bigger and larger than others, it means that the colony have enough liberty bell to sustain another colonist without production penalty.
  • [bug] custom difficulty settings do not apply (the new game starts with the highest standard difficulty); tested: happens if there are existing files with custom settings, if these are deleted, the new custom setting work.
  • Show difficulty settings: shift + F9.
  • Clearing a forest gives 20-40 Lumber.
  • Trying to build a road/plow on a tile in indian territory automatically tries to claim that tile, until if Peter Minuit is recruited.
  • Petty criminal as scout may become seasoned scout by visiting a lost city rumor.
  • Units on a ship can board another ship only via cardinal directions.
  • Check level of improvement in a profession due to practice: Right click on the unit in the city view.
  • Indian converts can't found new colonies or get professions.
  • From 1600 A.D. there are 2 turns per year and the last year to declare Independence is 1800.
  • Indian converts can't be changed to free colonists until a founding father is recruited.
  • Clearing a forest may reveal a resource.
  • Save your first 150 gold to buy horses and equip a scout and visit as many indian settlements.
  • Transport tools, muskets and horses from Europe without occupying a ship's hold: equip these to colonists in Europe and transport them.
  • When a building requires tools, buy it right before the completion of the building(effectively buying tools from Europe).

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Monday 17 December 2018

Today we Play: Colonization 4

Today we Play: Colonization 4
A few days ago, I was browsing my blog for a glimpse in the times gone far. Then I stumbled upon one of my old screenshots of Sid Meier's Civilization 4: Colonization. Suddenly an overwhelming desire engulfed me to play the game again. All those epic times of the wilderness and then the excessive war with the king. This strange feeling of a magical wave passing from the chest to the mind... It was better than love! :) 
Colonization 4
This time I didn't edited the map and played in the unknown, but without other nations. This way I do not need to rush the independence, creating liberty bells to get the Founding Fathers.  Hopefully there were some mountains around to mine silver. After making the first scout and visiting the natives settlement money begun to flow and the cities to grow. This time I made it loosing only one city, many many times. With  the artilleries positioned behind the city I can get it back at the next turn. Defense in the cities always suck, so a good amount of cavalries catch the kin's army on the open field. Next time I'll specifically make one city to lure the king's men there. 

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