Friday 28 December 2018

Galaxy Map | Stellaris: MegaCorp

Galaxy Map | Stellaris: MegaCorp screenshot
I usually play a ring galaxy with normal star line connections. In Stellaris: MegaCorp you can reach a star only through a star line, except the science ship when you discover the FTL drive. So being a ring galaxy there are always two major fronts, which sometimes are accessed trough only one star, making this star a key position for starbases. Every star has its own influence and creating a starbase with a construction ship claims this star system even if there is no planets there. To be claimed, the star system need to be fully surveyed. But either you and your rivals can cross a star and take the star behind the key star if it is not taken. Actually I dreamed of it, and the next day one of the rivals done it! 

All screenshots for Stellaris: MegaCorp.

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