Wednesday 19 December 2018

Today we Play: Free Colonization

Today we Play: Free Colonization
These days are awesome for free colonization. But I was unable to run the latest Java 8 version on Windows XP to play the latest free col game. The solution is to find a downgraded version of Java 8, the first two 8 versions works, but that is it, from now on, no version of java will run on Win XP, so in a few years we no longer will be able to play it on XP. But I'll put the latest playable versions of java and freecol here so in future times we can enjoy this awesome piece of art.  

Free Col production set 6 colonists
And here is my northern colony in free colonization. There are those snowy forests. This is a standard production set for 2nd stage developed colony with 6 colonists max. 

Ogo Bob in his northern colony in free colonization.
And here I am in my northern snowy colony :) :D 

Here are some useful notes about the game:
  • Saved games location: my_docs\Freecol\save\*.fsg
  • When trying to launch install: "The application you are trying to install requires a 1.8 version or later of the java platform. This is a working 1.8 java version running on Windows XP too.
  • Factors influencing relations with indians: difficulty level, proximity of settlement, missionaries(establishing missions in other settlements of the same indian nation improves attitude in the current settlement), trading(more specifically BUYING WITHOUT HAGGLING), troop movement, tile improvements, land acquisition, proximity of soldiers. Angry and Hateful attitude can not be improved except with the appropriate founding father.
  • If the number of the colony is a little bit bigger and larger than others, it means that the colony have enough liberty bell to sustain another colonist without production penalty.
  • [bug] custom difficulty settings do not apply (the new game starts with the highest standard difficulty); tested: happens if there are existing files with custom settings, if these are deleted, the new custom setting work.
  • Show difficulty settings: shift + F9.
  • Clearing a forest gives 20-40 Lumber.
  • Trying to build a road/plow on a tile in indian territory automatically tries to claim that tile, until if Peter Minuit is recruited.
  • Petty criminal as scout may become seasoned scout by visiting a lost city rumor.
  • Units on a ship can board another ship only via cardinal directions.
  • Check level of improvement in a profession due to practice: Right click on the unit in the city view.
  • Indian converts can't found new colonies or get professions.
  • From 1600 A.D. there are 2 turns per year and the last year to declare Independence is 1800.
  • Indian converts can't be changed to free colonists until a founding father is recruited.
  • Clearing a forest may reveal a resource.
  • Save your first 150 gold to buy horses and equip a scout and visit as many indian settlements.
  • Transport tools, muskets and horses from Europe without occupying a ship's hold: equip these to colonists in Europe and transport them.
  • When a building requires tools, buy it right before the completion of the building(effectively buying tools from Europe).

All screenshots for Free Colonization.

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