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Jagged Alliance 2 - Recruitable Mercs Location Description
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These are the recruitable characters in JA2 game and the locations on the map, where they can be found. Some of the locals that can be joined are quite good, another not so much. The best part is that the local mercenaries that can be hired do not want big salary like the professional mercs from A.I.M.

Ira - Ira Smythe is the first character from the Arulco resistance that will join the team. She is in the bunker of Omerta, where the resistance resides and will join willingly. She is a good medic. She doesn't require any salary, i.e. she is free to hire.

Dimitri - Dimitri Guzzo is the second character from the Arulco resistance that will join the team. He is in Omerta bunker and will join after we make the quest to request food supplies from Father Walker in Drassen. Dimitri have some knifing skills, and mechanics. He sometimes forgets his order. He is free to hire.

Carlos - Carlos Dasouza is the right hand of Miguel and will join when we control 5 cities with 100% loyalty.
Miguel - Miguel Cordona is the leader of the Arulco resistance and will join the team along with Carlos. They are good soldiers and they are free to hire.

Maddog - Kevin "Maddog" Cameron is a local mercenary that resides in Estoni station. He will join without asking salary, when spoked with a friendly character like Barry. His body statistics are very good and have good mechanical skill. He is a little psychotic and very fun sometimes.

Vincent - Dr. Vincent Beaumont can be found in Cambria hospital. He can be recruited when Cambria become 100% loyal and persuaded with a friendly/leadership character. He is a very good doctor and have good body statistics.

Dynamo - Greg "Dynamo" Duncan is one of Tixa prisoners. He is in one of the cells in the surface part of the prison. With no good statistics, there is a lot of room for improvements. He can be hired for 50$/day when persuaded with a friendly character.

Shank - Breeham "Shank" Druz is another local person that can be hired from Tixa. He is in one of the locked cells in the basement of the prison and can be hired for 30$/day. He is quite week with a lot of room for improvements.

Devin - Devin Connell is a variable location recruitable NPC. He is an arms dealer good in explosives. He can be found in one of the city bars, so every time we go to Drassen or Cambria in early stages we need to check the bars for him. With a little persuasion from a friendly/leadership character he will join the team.

Hamous - Hamous is a variable location recruitable NPC that comes with an ice cream truck. The truck is used to transport the mercs faster between sectors.. He can be found in one of the road sectors from Drassen to Cambria, most probably the southern road. He can be hired along with the truck for 250$/day by a character with good leadership.

Iggy - Igmus "Iggy" Palkov is a russian mercenary that sometime resides in San Mona around the local bar. He will be available after Mike(from Alma) is disposed off. Iggy is quite expensive asking 1950$/day.

Conrad - Lt. Conrad Gillitt is a soldier from Alma, working for Deirdrana.  He may switch sides if persuaded with a good leadership character for more than 3300$/day, which is quite a lot.

Game Data:
Name: Jagged Alliance 2
Type: Turn Based Tactic (TBS), Role Playing Game (RPG)
Genre: Modern. (Arulco)
Year of Release: 2000+
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info

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