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Craft the World - The Portal to the Next Planet Screenshot

Craft the World - The Portal to the Next Planet Description
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This is where the dwarves find the room with the portal for the next level in Craft the World computer game. It is guarded by a beholder or two and usually appear in a forbidden room in the depth level where mithril deposit is found. This is quite deep indeed. We may dig randomly and eventually we will find the portal. We may use the Compas spell to decide to where to dig or we may adopt a digging scheme to explore the earth depts. A good digging scheme is one horizontal tunnel under the house level, reaching the boths ends. From there to approximate equal distances we may dig long vertical tunnels, that are connected to the horisontal tunnel with ladders and explore the rooms and crust cracks from there.

Craft the World - The Portal Parts Description
Craft the World - The Portal Parts Screenshot
When we find the portal, it will be inactive. So we need to craft five special parts to make it function again. The parts appear in the second inventory tab and to craft them we will need to have a lot of iron, gold, mithril and a few crystals. There are 5 types of crystals that may be bought from the shop too.

Craft the World - Activating the Portal Screenshot
When all parts are crafted, they will be placed automatically and the portal will be ready to use. Hallo next world, we are coming.

Game Data:
Name: Craft The World
Type: Real Time Strategy (RTS) Live Simulator (SIM)
Genre: Fantasy (Dwarves)
Year of Release: 2013
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info
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