Sunday 30 August 2015

Eador: Genesis - 10 Level Archer Beat a Dragon Game Style

Eador: Genesis PC game - More explanation screenshots
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Good Eador player have noticed that sometimes the rival immortals are developing too fast, and are difficult to be stopped when they reach our castle. Here is one good style to play when attacking or defending a shard and prepare for the enemy hero, knocking at the door.

What we need to do is to find and slay a dragon before turn 50-60. The dragon will drop a rare artifact, that will increase the hero endurance against rival heroes considerably.
1. Single dragon may be killed with a Scout hero with double shot. So we will need to level up the scout as fast as possible to level 10, and make him Archer.
2. The Archer's shots will need a lot of stamina, so we need to save money to buy 3-4 Copper Rings and a belt from the shop in the castle.
3. We will need to upgrade the carpenter's shop in the castle to level 3 and get the Heavy crossbow and the Heavy arrows.
4. As combat units during the whole time, we will need only Spearmen, so we just build the Workshop in the castle.
5. Now we will need a little luck, or fast exploration to find a dragon lair in one of the nearest lands.

After we are equipped with the most basic weapons and armour and reached level 10, we can go to the dragon lair and try to beat him and take the trophy:
1. At level 10 the Archer should have at least 5-6 slots for units. We fill them all with rookie level 1 Pikemen.
2. We put the Archer in one of the corners and place the Spearmen in front of him.
3. If not fixed in latest versions, the dragon will attack the week spearmen and rarely will target the hero with his ranged attack. If the dragon find a gap to reach the hero, we are doomed, so every gap is replaced with another Spearmen.
4. We need just 3-4 turns to reduce the dragon's health with the double shots. Sometimes the battle may end with the dragon and the hero one to one with very low health.
Here is a gameplay movie of the battle, where the Archer is victorious against the dragon.

Game data:
Name: Eador: Genesis
TypeTurn Based Strategy (TBS), Role Playing Game (RPG)
Genre: Fantasy (Eador) 
Year of release: English version on steam 2014
Platform: PC/Windows - More info

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