Monday 24 August 2015

Jagged Alliance 2: Urban Chaos - Drunken Mercs Screenshot

Jagged Alliance 2: Urban Chaos - Drunken Mercs Description
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After the team have cleared the farmland from the enemy presence, they have gathered in a warehouse to celebrate the victory. The purple glass on their faces indicates they are under alcohol influence. To get the team drunk, we use a bottle of alcohol, the same way we use the canteen. In Urban Chaos mod, a lot of enemies are caring alcohol with them, so its quantity is not an issue. Also when they are drunk, they change standing animation and speach.

When a merc is drunk, he increase its stamina for the next few turns, but after that all stamina and morale fall down considerably. So drinking during missions may be dangerous. Stamina, morale and health are the 3 indicators next to the merc's face, the red is the health(if it is pink, the merc is bandaged, if yellow it means a bleeding wound). The blue bar is the stamina, more stamina faster the merc and more action points. And the green bar is the morale, it affect every skill.

Game Data:
Name: Jagged Alliance 2
Type: Turn Based Tactic (TBS), Role Playing Game (RPG)
Genre: Modern. (Arulco)
Year of Release: 2000+
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info

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