Monday 24 August 2015

Jagged Alliance 2: Urban Chaos - Merc Statistics Screenshot

Jagged Alliance 2: Urban Chaos - Merc Statistics Description
Jagged Alliance 2 PC Game - More explanation screenshots
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Here are the merc's statistics. It just happened to be a screenshot from Urban Chaos campaign of Jagged Alliance 2 UB. Eli is the main character that is created  in the beginning of the game. We can also see Barry - a mast take mechanic. Tex - a fun character from UB original mod. Razor, who compete for best insanity with Maddog and more. But here are the stats description.

Health - define how much hit a character can take.
Agility - define interruption chance, avoiding hits in close combat, evasing bullets, help in specialisations.
Strength - define how much load a character can carry, increase damage in close combat, increase stamina.
Leadership - used to train militia.
Wisdom - define how quickly a character will increase any of his skills.

Marksmanship - define chance to hit with projectile weapons.
Mechanical - define how quickly equipment is repaired. In some versions mechanical 0 can not be increased.
Explosives - define the chance to find mines and use explosives safely.
Medical - define the speed of bandaging, medical supply usage and surgery.

We can have one or two special skills, like Night Ops which allow the character to see further during night missions, giving him an easy advantage.

Game Data:
Name: Jagged Alliance 2
Type: Turn Based Tactic (TBS), Role Playing Game (RPG)
Genre: Modern. (Arulco)
Year of Release: 2000+
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info

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