Monday 31 August 2015

Unreal Tournament - Mission 1 Deathmatch Screenshot

Unreal Tournament - Mission 1 Deathmatch Description
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This is a screenshot from the first mission in Unreal Tournament computer game. We begin with the first Deathmatch tier. Deathmatches are played player vs player, until one of the players make 10 frags. In the first mission we are just one against another player or bot. There are 3 small rooms connected with corridors, where the one with the better gun is chasing the another. There are also 2-3 places to hold position, where gooda weapons, ammo and medkits will appear.
Next missions in Deathmatch tier will be with more players, playing free for all and trying to make the 10 frags first.

Game Data:
Type: Action Games (AG), First Person Shooter (FPS)
Genre: Futuristic (Arena)