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Craft the World - Monster Wave at the Doors Screenshot.

Craft the World - Monster Wave at the Doors Description.
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Every night in Craft the World game a group of undead creatures will rise from the graves and go to attack the dwarves house. But they are nothing compared to the monster waves that happen every 45 minutes. First they will try to attack and brake the doors or the hatches. But if they can't find a way to them they will begin to brake the walls of the house. So it is good idea to make suitable space for fighting in front of the house doors. In that parter level line on the screen we can place another door or two later.

Either way, the house from the screen is very badly situated for the upcoming waves from the left. The lake there is a hard terrain. It may hold the monsters when they are in small numbers, but not when they are a mob. The advancing dwarves will fall and begin to hesitate in the water. This lake must be dried out with buckets as soon as possible and the parter level be wided in a straight line.

Game Data:
Name: Craft The World
Type: Real Time Strategy (RTS) Live Simulator (SIM)
Genre: Fantasy (Dwarves)
Year of Release: 2013
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info
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