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Jagged Alliance 2 - Attacking Tixa Step by Step Screenshots

Jagged Alliance 2 - Attacking Tixa Step by Step Description
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There we are, entering the Tixa prison. It is situated 3 squares under Cambria city and the location is given by a patient in Cambria hospital. The prison of course will still be there, even if we do not know about it, it just will be a surprize entering the location. This mission is from Jagged Alliance 2 Gold and the guards in Tixa are quite strong so we take two squads to attack it. We also attack at night, to use our night google advantage.
One of the squads will reach the location before the other, but we choose to wait and to enter simultaneously. When the two squads are there we deploy them on the northern part not very far apart. There is only one entrance to the prison building and it is from teh south. But this time, we will not enter from there.
Advancing to the fence
Now the two squads are deployed and they quickly reach the metal fence of the prison. Rival soldiers can not pass it so they can not get to close from there. Advancing soldiers may com from the south east to search for intruders, so one of the squad will just guard that region, hiding behind stones and cactuses. The other squad is going to the fence, clearing the guards on site. With the night ops it is easy to detect them first. But after the first shots, the guards will know about us and sound the alarm. Nothing to worry about, we are quite well entrenched and still far from the main building to be affected from the gas traps.
When squad one reach the fence,  Devin put a wire cutter in his hands and cut a hole in it, so the mercs can pass. Squad two is holding position for a while and cover squad one while it take good position, from the other side of the fence, because more guards will come from south east.
One of the enemy may managed to throw a tear gas grenade, while squad 1 is passing the fence, but Dimitry quickly puts his gas mask. The worst thing to throw is chemical light. If they do, the covering squad have to change position. Hopefully that hadn't happened this time so far.
When the two squads are inside, they have just two narrow locations to cover. One squad take the south east side.
The second squad take the west side. There is a locked door there, that can be opened from inside from the prison guards, so squad 1 will stay there for a while, while squad 2 is undertaking the next phase in the plan.
Barry placing a C4 explosive
Covered by his comrades from the both sides, Barry put a C4 explosive in his hand and place it next to the wall of the prison building. After that all mercs take good position behind obstacles and Barry detonate the explosives with a remote device. If there is no remote device, we need to set 3-4 turns for explosion so there is time to take positions.
the prison wall is breached
The wall is breached and the first enemies are scouring on site. There will be a lot of movement after the explosion, so we hold that position for a while.
clearing the breach
When all incoming enemies are put asleep, we get inside the building with squad one and let squad two to cover those positions from west and south.
A few more turns to clear all moving around guards, then mercs split in 3 groups. The main group in the building trying to shoot through the windows. Two are still watching for enemies coming from the east. Ira, Dimitri and Hamous will try to enter from the north door of the prison.
In Tixa, all doors are locked. In general, if we approach from the entrance to the south west, there is a building, where we can find the prison warden husband. Yes, the warden is a she. A lot of cruel women in Arulco that is. So the husband will give us a key to unlock the doors, but our team have Barry and Maddog, who are very good at lockpicking. Along with them, Dimitri have practiced a lot of mechanical skill, and he managed to unlock the door.

(Warden screen here)
(sometext here)
All enemies are cleared in the western corridor and all doors unlocked on the way. Also when unlocking doors with lock picking and not with keys, the merc will increase mechanical skill.
Now there are no more enemies in the building, and the ones left are a few elites, with a captain and a major, that are on guard at the PPC. They will not leave their position, so we try to lure them out of their good positions behind these two buildings in the center.
The attempt failed. They managed to hit Razor and drain his stamina, and he can not retreat, so we are stuck there. Our mercs have gas masks in good condition so the tear and poison gas will not harm them. Beside, the gases the enemy throw give cover to the injured mercs, while support comes. As seen Hamous is planted on the roof and shooting every turn, but enemies a very very tough and take a lot of hits.
Finally Spider managed to reach the guard's position from their back, while they were bussy shooting to the north. Grace is still down, but she'll be fine. Barry have managed to reach Razor in the poisonous cloud and is already bandaging him. The guards were almost out of health and Spider just finished them.
We are victorious and it is time to check every door and wardrobe for equipment and useful gadgets. But we are not finished yet.
Finding Dynamo
In one of the locked cells we find Dynamo. He is a local character that can join our team for 50$ per day. Beside he hates Deirdrana a lot. To recruit him, we must speak to him  with a friendly character, like Barry.
At the northern entrance, were Ira, Dimitri and Hamous infiltrated the prison, there are stairs down to the basement of the prison. We gather the two teams there and go down underground.
The basement is small and narrow and the soldiers there are quite strong. We have at least two of them with rocket rifles. One team to the south west corridor is taking position behind the locked grid door. The enemies there have good positions too, the fight is long and they exchange many hits.
Another team to the south east corridor, where the guards even try to go close combat. But with the minigun from the holster, Hitman is clearing the path.
A Major hiding in a good position is approached from the both sides to be forced to move and go to the open, without taking much damage.
Finding Shank
In one of the cells in the basement of Tixa we find Shank. He is not very good mercenary, but we can recruit him and make him a good one, just for 30$ per day. He and Dynamo like each other and at first they need to do some practicing and heavy load carrying to increase some strength and health.
Then there is one elite left in the last room. The room have only one entrance and the soldier lurking there have very good agility, so anyone who enter the room will be shot down on site from close range. What we do is throw a smoke grenade and position 3 mercs in line facing left and right. When the smoke settles we take the guard down.
We are finally done. No more soldiers and the place may be checked for items and the rest of the locked doors handled. We finish with two more mercs and tons of equipment dropped from the enemies. But this again is not the end of Tixa prison. If we play Sci-fi game, there is another hole in the southern part of the prison, that leads to another underground level, where we will find the science experiment of Deirdrana. But this is for another time, our men now need a lot of bandaging, healing, repairing equipment and rest, before they continue to their next glorious mission.

Game Data:
Name: Jagged Alliance 2
Type: Turn Based Tactic (TBS), Role Playing Game (RPG)
Genre: Modern. (Arulco)
Year of Release: 2000+
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info

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