Monday 31 August 2015

Unreal Tournament - Domination Tier Last Mission Screenshot

Unreal Tournament - Domination Tier Last Mission Description
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Domination tier missions consist of 3 spots on the map, that need to be touched. When touched, they turn the player's team colour and begin to bring a certain amount of points. The first team who reach the maximum points win the match. As seen on the screen, the blue team control two spots and the red control one. But this changes very fast in the game. Frags doesn't matter, we need to stay alive as long as we have the shield and/or armour on us.

The last mission from the Domination tier is on a space platform with a few levels and elevators. If a player falls over the platform, he is gone. There are a lot of guns, armours and ammo available. As well as good spots for stalking.

Game Data:
Type: Action Games (AG), First Person Shooter (FPS)
Genre: Futuristic (Arena)