Tuesday 25 August 2015

Jagged Alliance 2 - Kevin Maddog Replicas

Jagged Alliance 2 - Kevin Maddog
Jagged Alliance 2 PC Game - More explanation screenshots
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These are some of Maddog's replicas from Jagged Alliance 2 computer game. Maddog is the craziest character along with Razor in the game. Maddog can be found in Estony and he will gladly join the team without asking a single penny for it. Just for the the possibility to do some nasty stuff to Deirdrana.

Upon skill or level increase: "It doesn't matter." "I love myself."
On weapon jamming: "It's jammed! Maybe I can suck the bullet out."
When out of ammo: "I hate this. More bullets."
On lethal shot: "Did it hurt, moron?".
Gory site: "Augh, blagp, I got some brain in my mounth, blarp! Hey... sweet!"
Upon reaching location: "I'm here. I ate every bug on the way. There were many." Imagine him in the truck.
When bleeding: "Hey. Blood! Now I can fingerpaint!"
When overwhelmed by enemies: "Yeah! Gimme more. More! MORE!"
Finishing task: "That was boring. Neext?"

Enemy spotted: "Hallo baby!"
Impossible shot: "Personally, I'll shoot at anything. Just don't expect me to hit it."
Impossible task: "Why I'm bothering with this?"
Going psycho: "Ahahahaaa"

Game Data:
Name: Jagged Alliance 2
Type: Turn Based Tactic (TBS), Role Playing Game (RPG)
Genre: Modern. (Arulco)
Year of Release: 2000+
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info

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