Monday 31 August 2015

Unreal Tournament - Assault Tier Second Mission Screenshot

Unreal Tournament - Assault Tier Second Mission Description
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Assault tier missions are fought between two teams. The purpose is to destroy an objects in the rival base, and may contain 2-3 stages, like opening a door or similar. One team is defending first, and then the team is attacking. Her on the second assault mission we attack the ship, where the defending team is entrenched. There are two entrances. One main entrance through a bridge that is defended by a turret and another under the ship, that is guarded by enemy players.
Inside the ship Screenshot
When we manage to enter the ship, we need first to destroy its generator. The passage is very narrow and the machine gun is excellent for this terrain. When the generator is down, we go up to the captain's cabin and if we reach there the match is won.

Game Data:
Type: Action Games (AG), First Person Shooter (FPS)
Genre: Futuristic (Arena)