Friday 28 August 2015

Xenonauts - Medals Badges Screenshot

Xenonauts - Medals Badges Description
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After every successful mission the Xenonaut soldier will recieve medals for some achievements during the tactical combat. Every medal increase the bravery of the soldier. As many medals every xenonaut have, more brave he will be and harder to be taken under alien control.

  • Crimson Heart: The red medal with the form of heart is dangerous, but easy achieved. The soldier must be wounded hard, less than 30% of health to recieve it.
  • Military Cross: The silver cross medal is awarded for eliminating five aliens in a single mission.
  • Service Medal: The round yellow medal is awarded for participation in ten combat missions.
Game Data:
Name: Xenonauts
Type: Turn Based Tactic (TBT), Turn Based Strategy (TBS), Role Playing Game (RPG)
Genre: Futuristic (Alien invasion)
Year of Release: 2014 - More Info
Platform: PC/Windows

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