Sunday 30 August 2015

The Ultimate Hydra Unit Screenshot | Eador: Genesis

Eador: Genesis - The Ultimate Hydra Unit Description
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The Hydra is one of the easiest unit to play in Eador: Genesis computer game. Just one good level hero and one good level hydra, can crush the strongest armies in the game(excluding the strongest armies led by hero). The hydra is slow, but very strong rank 4 unit. It can reach over 200 points of health and over 35 attack and counterattack. Hydra can be breeded from a Hydra Egg in later stages. The special abilities of the hydra are:

Swamp knowledge, allowing faster movement on swamp terrain.
Poison attack, cumulative with all poison hits.
Regeneration, that will restore lost health.
Many heads, allowing the hydra to harm all enemies around it.
Poisonous skin, that will poison anyone that hit it.

Now imagine the Hydra with some spells like:
Word of Life, that gives extra movement point and additional life regeneration for 3 turns.
Vampirism, that will regenerate health according to damage from every hit from every head.
Astral Energy, allowing movement twice per turn.
And here is an Archer hero and one hydra crushing 6 cyclops. Cyclops are one of the best rank 4 units.